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Our  #OneWinterGarden Team

Board President Danykqua or "Miss. D" as the community calls her, is an East Winter Garden resident who is raising her two children in the community. She is our current president and is determined to bring this group a new vibrance of activity. The group was once named "East Winter Garden Neighborhood Alliance". The name change was a suggestion of Charlie Mae Wilder, longtime East Winter Garden advocate and matriarch of East Winter Garden... Mrs. Wilder felt it was important that the name change occur to show unity across all Winter Garden is necessary for change. That the whole city has to be involved in a combined effort. 

Miss D's Vice President is Chloe Johnson Brunson who is a community advocate in East Winter Garden, especially for women with her "I am Her" women empowerment brand. As board treasurer and secretary, Austin Arthur was voted in. Austin is an active community advocate for all of West Orange County, Florida and also a local business owner.

Board of Directors
Executive Officers

Members of the Board

Danykqua Faulk
Chloe Brunson
Austin Arthur
Charlie Mae Wilder
Patricia Angry
Carol Ward
Jamie Holley

Eric Debose
Angelia Taylor Dean
Ray Kemp

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